Plant: Soybean (Glycine max)
Event: DP-305423 x GTS 40-3-2
UI: DP-305423-1 x MON-04032-6
Commercial name: Plenish High Oleic Soybeans X Roundup Ready
Modification: gene gm-hra (herbicide tolerance: imidazolinone), gene cp4epsps (herbicide tolerance: glyphosate), gm-fad2-1 gene (antisense RNA of omega-6 desaturase gene: increased oleic acid)

soybean plant pictureOriginal Cultivar and modification methods

The soybean line DP-305423 x GTS 40-3-2 was produced by means of traditional cross breeding of the GM DP-305423 and the GM GTS 40-3-2 varieties.

Characteristics of the modification

The transgenic soybean inherited the gm-fad2-1 inverted gene, which causes the accumulation of oleic acid, and the gm-hra gene, which confers tolerance to applications of sulfonylurea based herbicides, from the soybean line DP-305423.
The cp4 epsps transgene, leading to tolerance to glyphosate, was inherited from soybean line GTS 40-3-2.

Purpose of the modification

To produce a soybean variety with high oleic acid and tolerant to applications of glyphosate-based herbicides.
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