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17/07/2014 - India - Govt approves field trials for varieties of GM crops

15/07/2014 - Zambia - Livingstone council destroys Shoprite's GMO cornflakes

08/07/2014 - Mexico - GM maize splits Mexico

03/07/2014 - United States - Oregon looks to map GMO crops for better transparency

03/07/2014 - Cyprus - Cyprus to remain a GMO-free zone under EU agreement

03/07/2014 - Pakistan - Pakistan says no to GMOs

03/07/2014 - Tanzania - Tanzania: GMO Research, Technology 'Confined to Labs'

01/07/2014 - New Zealand - Councils plan to restrict or even ban GE field trials

01/07/2014 - European Union - Monsanto and Pioneer withdraw another four applications for the cultivation of genetically engineered crops in the EU

01/07/2014 - United States - Humans Are About To Taste The First Genetically Engineered “Super” Bananas

27/06/2014 - Nigeria - Stakeholders advocate genetic food to promote food security

24/06/2014 - Taiwan - New rules on GM foods to take effect in Taiwan in 2016

19/06/2014 - Bangladesh - Govt plans to introduce genetically modified cotton

16/06/2014 - European Union - Germany thump Portugal 4-0 in Group G opener Read more Dozens killed in al Shabaab attack on coastal Kenyan city Read more US air strikes in Iraq an option, says Kerry Read more France fines UK ski coach €30,000 for teaching illegally Read more ‘Irresponsible’ French rail strike adds to pupils’ final exam stress Read more ‘Possible disruption’ to Europe as Russia cuts Ukraine gas supply Read more France, Germany call on US to end subsidies to Boeing Read more Video: Iraqi soldiers say officers were first to flee from insurgents Read more Former F1 champion Schumacher out of coma, leaves hospital Read more Video: World Cup fails to unite Bosnia and Herzegovina fans Read more What is the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS)? Read more Netanyahu accuses Hamas of abducting missing teens Read more Three sentenced to death for Tiananmen Square attack Read more Video: French fans jubilant as team wins its World Cup opener Read more ISIS militants post photos of massacred Iraqi soldiers Read more Santos re-election in Colombian poll brings new FARC peace hopes Read more Previous Next GMO European Union agriculture Europe EU to allow member countries to decide policies on GM crops

16/06/2014 - Kyrgyzstan - Kyrgyzstan Initiates 100% GMO Ban for 5.5 Million Population Read more: Follow us: @naturalsociety on Twitter | NaturalSociety on Facebook

12/06/2014 - Zambia - Lunanshya council destroys Bokomo Cornflakes containing traces of GMO

11/06/2014 - Kenya - Kenyan governors call for lifting of GMO ban

10/06/2014 - Brazil - Brazil: First commercial approval for genetically modified insects

06/06/2014 - Nigeria - Nigeria: Govt Seeks Adoption of Biotech for Food Security

04/06/2014 - United Arab Emirates - Arab countries need better GMO detection systems

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