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The Home page of the Software offers 4 different ways of consultation, according to the User’s needs.

1 - The “Plant, Country, Biosafety” box in the top left hand corner lets the user select a plant and a country. Subsequently, the software displays a report containing useful information/variables outlining a summary of the conditions which can cause GMO contamination of food products or the importation of products not conforming to European standards. Using the same information, the software processes an index to represent an evaluation of GMO production and management framework in relation to a particular country.

2 - The “GM Events” box in the top right hand corner gives the user detailed information about a specific transformation event, useful for analysis or other purposes. To this end you simply select the name of the specific event in the box in the top right hand corner. The context menu also allows you to filter authorized events in the European Union, non authorized events, or select the event on the basis of the unique identifier.

3 - The “Report by Country” box at the bottom left hand corner gives an overview of GMO authorization status and cultivation in the selected country, for the user who wants to carry out studies and research.

4 - The “Screening methods” box at the bottom right hand corner provides information about the main screening methods to detect GMOs, authorized worldwide, the genomes of which contain specific inserts. Going to the “Plant, Country, Biosafety” box you can view the screening method best suited to identifying most of the events authorized in the specific country for the selected plant.

Beneath these boxes there is a “News” section presenting the principle news relating to both the status of authorization/ regulation of a country and the possible unforeseen presence of GM material in the internal market or the publication of new methods of analysis.
By selecting the link on the “Thematic Maps” box you can view a series of themed maps relating to the regulatory and approval status of GMOs worldwide.

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